Teaching Channel Featured Partners

Teaching Channel has partnered with some of the biggest names in education to enhance professional development plans for teachers of all experience levels:

The Danielson Group



TEACHING CHANNEL and THE DANIELSON GROUP are dedicated to the pursuit of great teaching. Teaching Channel Plus, an online video observation platform, and The Danielson Group have developed a series of online learning experiences, bringing your educators to the next level of teaching. Together, these tools anchor comprehensive approaches to teacher growth through professional learning, self-assessment and reflection.

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Magnet Schools of America


Teaching Channel Plus and Magnet Schools of America provide the tools you need to help your magnet school flourish.

  • Rubrics for Collaborative Learning
  • Customized Training with Engagement Team
  • Access to Deep Dive Content
  • Personalized Learning Plans
  • 1400+ Videos at your Fingertips
  • Professional Learning Community
  • Tool-kit with Diverse Teaching Methods
  • Connection and Networking with Magnet Schools Nationally
  • Reduced Rates on Conference Registrations
  • Merit Awards Program Participation
  • Members-Only Discount Program
  • Advanced Coaching for Theme-Based Education

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Confianza’s Professional Learning Partnerships are collaborative, co-created and co-implemented around the needs of students and educators. We respect the knowledge of the communities we serve and strive to empower the educators we work with so that they can transfer the competencies from our activities to their unique context.

Confianza's Digital Learning Plans and Courses include:
  • Guidance implementing Confianza content to supplement your local professional learning communities
  • The power of a dynamic online video-based platform, Teaching Channel Plus
  • Transfer to practice through our Connect-- Learn-- Apply-- Reflect Cycle with Articles, Videos, Fieldwork Tools and Discussion

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